It’s not just monetary policy, it’s Scott Sumner day

I haven’t seen anyone else say it yet, so I will.  The Fed’s policy move today might not have happened — probably would not have happened — if not for the heroic blogging efforts of Scott Sumner.  Numerous other bloggers, including the market monetarists and some Keynesians and neo Keynesians have been important too, plus Michael Woodford and some others, but Scott is really the guy who got the ball rolling and persuaded us all that there is something here and wouldn’t let us forget about it.

I disagree with Scott on a number of points (I think he overrates the importance of sticky nominal wages for instance, and I would like to force him to admit that the private sector can manufacture nominal gdp), and I see the net gains from this policy as smaller than he does.  Still, Scott  deserves our highest level of applause in this matter.

Here is Scott’s very latest blog post on the Bernanke press conference.


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