MRUniversity will have a course unit especially on India

This will be a special part of our opening course on Development Economics.  The topics we will cover will include:

History of the East India Company

The economics of Gandhi’s attack on the salt monopoly

Was British rule good for India?

Private education in India

Economic research on the caste system in India

The timing of Indian economic reforms and the boost in Indian economic growth, as discussed by Rodrik, DeLong, and others.

The contributions of the most famous and most important Indian economists.

Why does Kerala have such a good record when it comes to public health?

RCTs in India by Poverty Action Lab.

And much more.

Today I have a request for you.  If you have any connection with India, please spread the word of this material to other people you may know who have a connection to India.

The motto of MRU is “Learn, Teach, and Share.”  You can register for the course to come here.  Background on MRU is here.  Background on the development economics class is here.


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