Looking at pictures of cute animals makes you work more carefully and deliberately

Or so we are told:

A new study by Japanese researchers now shows there are more benefits to looking at pictures of these universal delights than just getting a case of the warm and fuzzies. Afterwards, we concentrate better.

Such is the “Power of Kawaii”, as a paper documenting the research is appropriately titled. The Japanese word “kawaii” means cute. The paper was published in the online edition of the U.S. journal Plos One on Thursday. Through three separate experiments a team of scientists from Hiroshima University showed that people showed higher levels of concentration after looking at pictures of puppies or kittens.

For the pointer I thank Mark Thorson.


Hello Kitty

Yoda and Stripe had a love child...in LA.

Nailed it.

Really? Of all the millions of animal pictures relevant to this post, you chose that one?

It's a great troll.

Proper animal link: http://thecutest.info/top.html

Much better, thanks!

You cheeky bastard. Well it is Friday. Great troll!

Yoda with a hangover ...

That animal was used for the control group.

...And Samuel L. Jackson as Yoda...

"It's the lightsaber that say says Bad m*f*er on it."

After reading that, sites like Written Kitten make a lot more sense.

That is one ugly rat.

yves smith's link posts at naked capitalism are are always accompanied by such "cute animal" pictures, no?

Must I say... on Japanese people. Cuteness is nearly an institution in Japan. I am not sure the same results would be achieved in other societies...

Gee thanks, Tyler! I needed to have a productive Friday afternoon, now that won't happen...I can't even make my afternoon cappucino...

It's pretty basic cost-benefit analysis. In order to get the most work done, you need to look at enough pictures of animals such that your marginal benefit = marginal costs. This is the place where you've seen enough of the pictures to focus above your normal surplus of concentration, but you haven't spent all your damn time at work on the internet watching those funny kitten videos.

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