The Washington Wizards are the deflationary sector

“It’s very driven by who the visiting team is,” he said. “For example, tonight, you can get into the [Wizards/Blazers] game for $1.69, but to get into the Heat game on Dec. 4 is $26, so it’s definitely matchup driven. When you have teams that are poor — and I am certain that the Wizards qualify — you see the bottom drop out.”

Yet, while the Wizards’ thrifty prices may not be uncommon, how fast they became so thrifty is.

“What’s rarer about this instance that it’s happening 12 games into the season,” Lehrman said. “Normally, you see this level of apathy take place in the middle of the season when you’re 40 games in and there’s not gonna be a playoff chase. You don’t normally see the fans quit on their team so quickly.

The story is here, and the Wizards were 0-12 to start the year.  Here is further information about their quality.

They won their first game last night, which perhaps will bring the expectation of higher prices and thus stimulate demand.


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