What are these people really up to?

No wonder they don’t have a clear sense of what “austerity” means:

Mrs Brooks told the Leveson Inquiry earlier this year that Mr Cameron signed some of his missives to her “LOL” – mistakenly thinking it meant “lots of love” rather than “laugh Out loud”.

Here is more.  The article is puzzling throughout.



But, do you mean "laughing out loud", or do you mean "lots of love"?

I find it amusing that Cameron would rather be perceived as writing "lots of love" to Brooks rather than the usual LOL.

I don't know about Bill, but to me it for sure is "lots of laughing out loud."

Humans mating? That often explains all kinds of weird behavior.
By my standards she's about a 6. If that's the reward, the hassle of winning the election really ain't worth it in my view.

Let's not get too carried away. Everything here is consistent with a friendship...last I checked men and women are allowed those too. I would assign this to the vagaries of human communication (particularly under personal stress)...not unlike the austerity example. People can interpret the same words differently...those directly in the conversation as well as those who get them indirectly in the news. And maybe these two people were up to entirely different things...and didn't realize the mismatch. I am at a loss as to why any of it matters unless political powers were used for personal favors. Guess I find the post puzzling...troll bait for libertarians?

Nope. Here in Marginal Revolution comments, it's important that all the women are both rated and mated. Libertarians in particular wouldn't be trolled by this sort of thing, as they tend to interpret "free speech" as a defence against any criticism of what they say.

The horse probably wasn't the only one that was "Fast, unpredictable and hard to control but fun".

What's puzzling about the article Tyler?
Two text messages have been released and what you quote is Mrs Brooks evidence at Leveson. She might have been wrong as the PM has not been asked if he knows what LOL means.

What if be knew LOL meant laugh out loud but decided to use it as Lots of love anyway?
I've done it before myself

To then link that to a lack of understanding on the meaning of austerity is what is puzzling.
Of course they know what austerity means but I don't think you have any idea how deey entrenched govt spending is in this country and how impossible a lot of it is to shift.

During the campaign austerity sounded nice against a profligate labour govt but the reality of govt is that tax rises have been far easier to push through than actual spending cuts

You people need a Tea Party.

We have (sorta) the UKIP.
But they get their knickers in a twist over something else - European membership.

But in the sense of not having a movement that fights against the crazy amount of taxes the government collects from us, then yes, that is a vacuum that needs to be filled.
A primer/sample

Thats because taxes are a red herring. The real cost of government are the goods, and labour that go into what government provides.

Perhaps not knowing what LOL stands for might actually be a pretty good indicator of knowing what austerity actually is......

More like an indicator of being an old fogy.

I don't understand the purpose of this post. I don't understand the purpose of the article.

(Instead of "LOL", if people used "ha ha", it would be better).

LOL used to mean Lots of Love, at least in Britain. Should one surrender to the LoL kidnappers?

"The article is puzzling throughout."

Well, it does assume a knowledge of the minutiae of UK politics.
On balance, not worth the waste of your time.


"Lots of Love" is the first listed definition. Not sure whether acronym finder.com (shouldn't this be af.com?) is *the* authoritative source on acronyms on the internet, but it's got to be up there.

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