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We have the same in the socialist Province of Quebec.
Kids sleep at night nursery & attend day centre by day while the parent sleeps.

Why bother having children?

Do I understand correctly that the parent still just gets roughly 40 hours of service a week, it can just be shifted around in time?

They need 40 hours of night service while they work, and 40 hours of day service while they rest.

6.Is a pun intended ? Cypriot prosperity only has a "short" history ??

"A short history of Cyrpus prosperity".

I interpret that to mean that the article is short (one page), not that the prosperity has a short history.

If people did #3 with dogs, I bet there'd be outrage.

Are there no hotels for pets where you are?

I have heard people say, "why did you get a dog if you're never around?" Give the dog to someone who wants one.

@#6 - US stock market today shrugging off Cyprus crisis. Either it is wrong or TC is wrong--I am betting with TC and liquidated some of my holdings today. We had a good run since 2009 and I'm finally taking profits (I would have taken profits earlier, but I was locked out of my account--long story--but ironically that made me more money since consistent with the Odean thesis I was prevented from selling early and thus made more money holding stocks I would have sold).

Would you take investment advice from a tenured professor who is a chess master and speed reader? Time will tell whether I did good to "listen" to TC! :-) Of course great minds think alike and I was bearish anyway--mood affiliation?

Re: "2. U.S. grants first license for 3-D printed guns."

Licenses and blueprints are great but what material is he planning to print it out from? Will the barrels withstand the heat and the stresses of the firing?

The clip was the 3-D printed fabricated part.

actually the lower receiver is the controversial part. That is the only piece of an AR-15 that is serialized, and legally *is* "the gun". You can buy all the other parts untracked and unlicensed — barrels, upper receiver, magazine, stock, etc.

this guy wants to be able to sell entire guns, including lower receivers, to pay for his blueprint-distributing and accessory-printing operation.

Exactly - he ain't gonna be printing barrels*, but you don't need a Type 7 FFL (and SOT stamp) to make barrels.

You do, to manufacture (or even just assemble for resale!) guns professionally.

(* I bet you could do a plastic barrel body with a metal liner, and get decent reliability, especially in something like .22LR - and there's a lot of utility in and demand for .22LR rifles. It's been done with carbon fiber over steel for .223, I know...)

so far, 3d printed guns seem to have a hgih volitility. But the lowest end of reliability is destruction after 6 shots. This sounds bad if, say, you are in the US and can buy a metal one, but probably sounds pretty good if you are in, say, Damascus

#3: A quick Google search shows that 24/7 childcare is available in other countries as well, including the UK and the US, except it's not funded by the government.

4. My Google+ hangout, with The Economist, on American competitiveness.

Hmm, Brits telling Americans what we need to face up to.

And is it just me or has The Economist become more statist in the last year or two?

BTW - Great beard TC. Need some new glasses. Get Yanna to help.

"And is it just me or has The Economist become more statist in the last year or two?"


+1, but I would say over the last few years. I cancelled my subscription three years ago.

The quote from the nurse "We do pay high taxes but we get something back and I think that's a great system" embodies necessary perspective to have successful government institutions. There has to be credibility that "the people" get something back from the taxes paid.

That, and "we" vs. "us and them".

But the nurse will barely be paying any tax. Of course she likes it when the incidence of the tax is on others, and she receives far more than what she pays.

#4 Turned it off in disgust when the guy asked why big companies don't invest in "clean energy" while they pay bonuses.

#1: The most interesting point in the whole thing, I thought, is down towards the bottom, where it basically says that you can exploit the refs' unwillingness to call the defensive 3-second violation.

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