Assorted links

1. What are the consequences of late marriage?

2. A closer look at the health care cost slowdown.

3. Update on Chinese plans for Iceland.

4. The black box that is Google (a redo of “I, Pencil,” arguably).

5. Bostridge on Britten.

6. ZeroHedge speculates on Cyprus.  I don’t see how even the “good bank” will be able to survive under the plan in the works.  The key question is whether any enacted plan has a deposit guarantee backed by the EU as a whole and right now that looks quite unlikely.  Capital controls will sever the “Cypriot euro” from the euro more generally and de facto end the euro era in Cyprus.  It will be very hard to ever take them off (how soon can you imagine Cyprus rebuilding its credibility?)  Another question is what Cypriot legislators actually will vote for, given their connections to Russia and perhaps also their fear of Russian reprisals against their persons.  There is a very good Cyprus post here, and another here.  Here is a very good post on what is in the capital controls, lots.


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