What I’ve been reading

1. Jonathan Sperber, Karl Marx: A Nineteenth Century Life.  The title is apt.  This is an excellent and very readable account of Marx’s life, although it strikes me as superficial on the ideas side.

2. Diane Wood Middlebrook, Anne Sexton: A Biography.  I hadn’t known that Sexton once threw her toddler daughter against the wall in a fit of anger.  A lot of people still found her fun to hang around with.

3. Diane J Bleyer, A Mother’s Right.  A science fiction story based on premises of population decline, highly volatile weather, illegal abortion, and a stolen unborn child.

4. David E. Nye, America’s Assembly Line.  A very good history, economic and otherwise, of precisely what the title purports to offer and kudos on the absence of a subtitle.

5. Christopher A. Whatley, Scottish Society, 1707-1830, Beyond Jacobitism, Toward Industrialisation.  I am often asked what is a good introduction to the time and writings of Adam Smith.  Such a book is oddly hard to come by but this is one of the best candidates.


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