Save the World Bank’s *Doing Business* report

Yesterday I received an email from Michael Klein:

We are writing to you about the World Bank’s Doing Business report.  Published since 2003 the report benchmarks 185 countries annually on key dimensions of the legal and regulatory environment for small businesses.  It has supported numerous reforms all over the world helping small businesses and employment.

There is currently a serious risk that the report may be abolished or severely curtailed as part of an ongoing review that will be finished in the next few weeks.  The report has always been subject to controversy as it highlights shortcomings that countries may not appreciate.  The World Bank’s President and its Board of Executive Directors will consider the future of the report in the next few months.

We would like to ask you to support an open letter to the World Bank’s President and its Executive Directors supporting the Doing Business project and recommending general directions for the future.  The letter (see below) is informed by our review of the arguments about Doing Business (attached).

This is our private initiative and without any institutional affiliation.

Please, reply by return email, if you agree to support the open letter. If you wish, indicate in which capacity you want to be mentioned.  If you want to forward this email to ask others also to support the letter, please, ask them to reply to this email address ([email protected]) so that we can keep an accurate record of support.

I support the report very much and I have found it useful in my own work.  It is one of the best things the World Bank does, and you can read more about the report here.  Please do email at the above address if you think your support can be useful.  Here is some back story on how China is seeking to push around the Bank on the ratings.  Here is FT coverage of the same.


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