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7. Holy smokes, we'd be crazy not to get cracking on any genomes we haven't already sequenced.

Report finds genomics effort has added US$1 trillion to US economy.
Julia Lane, who until last year directed the science of science and innovation policy programme at the US National Science Foundation in Arlington, Virginia, calls the Battelle report's numbers "ridiculous". Lane, now the senior managing economist at the American Institutes for Research in Washington DC, says that the analysis "reinforces this notion that science is a slot machine that you put money in, and magic happens and money pops out at the end".

+2 to Julia Lane's comment.

#1 I have vague memories of the start of the decline of Japan that included stories about how the Japanese government would not allow banks to fail and the sick banks became a permanent drag on the economy and its recovery. If my recollection has any truth to it at all, I wonder how much our current situation parallels the Japanese situation in terms of our too big to fail, too big to regulate, banks preventing our recovery.

Hopefully, like us, Japan just Got Sick, and Will (Eventually) Feel Better.

About a quarter of central government revenues go to debt servicing when yields are somewhere below 50 basis points. If the yields went to what the US ten year this week all the government revenues would be swallowed up.

The question becomes what happens when there is a 30 percent writedown.The cascading effects are impossible to imagine.

Scientists, or their reps at Nature, are unlikely to conclude that spending money on scientists is a bad idea.

'how many lives were saved?': quick, burn the heretic.

Tyler, you initially linked about Samoa Air's weight-linked-pricing on April 3. I found this follow up article quite interesting:

7. Nearly k percent of businesses utilize X to some extent. Thus, if not for X, our economy would be 100-k percent of what it is today.

PowerPoint: k=15%
Microsoft Word: k=20%
Email: k=50%
Cell phones: k=99%

#7 some of those shots Green and Neal hot would have gotten them benched if they were playing for John Wooden. Look for some mean reversion going forward. BTW the 3 point shot has increased the randomness in basketball thus bigger blowouts more unpredictable scores.

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