Don’t eat there (further lessons in adverse selection)

The restaurant Spoleto told every female customer she didn’t have to pay for her meal as long as she could affirmatively answer the question, “Are you beautiful?”

It is a Brazilian fast food chain, so just stop in for a drink.  By the way, they report that sales that day were up 35%.

Here is more, including an illustrative video, and for the pointer I thank Donnie Hall.


I still have the plastic bag from a men’s clothes shop in Buenos Aires where I once bought a shirt. It says (in Spanish, small letters set on tasteful though conservative background design):

'We like women to be naked. That is why we only make clothes for men'

I do hope they don't discriminate against transvestites.

Reminds me of Nathan For You when he advises the clothing store to let beautiful people shoplift.

Does Tyler's blog traffic go up when he offers free opinions on philosophy?

If I ran a restaurant chain I'd give women free food if they could affirmatively answer a particular question.
You all know what that question is.

I just walk up to them.

Tyler, your book "An Economist Gets Lunch" suggests avoiding restaurants with too many beautiful women, but I don't think that is quite the same as what this Brazilian restaurant did. Under normal circumstances, a restaurant filled with model-quality women would attract guys with fat wallets, big spenders who don't mind overpaying and who might overlook mediocre quality food if otherwise distracted. Thus it would be a restaurant to avoid if you want great food and a reasonable price.

The Brazilian restaurant, in contrast, did not attempt to bring in models or a particular "type" of woman. It offered free food to any and every woman who would proclaim she is beautiful, young or old, thin or fat. I don't know if this promotion attracted any men, I think the point was to generate goodwill among female customers. Which they obviously did.

Yet another example of how narcissists benefit in modern society. Those women probably tweet, too.

If a woman.can honestly.answer that question in the affirmative, they don't have to pay for many meals anyway.

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