Robert Fogel has passed away

He was a Nobel Laureate and one of the greatest of economic historians.  His Wikipedia page is here.  He is here on  Previous MR mentions and discussions are here.  Here is one appreciation of Fogel.  Here is a good NYT obituary.


"Time on the Cross" -- a landmark work on slavery, introducing heavily quantitative methods to history. I read it right before reading Eugene Genovese's more methodologically traditional "Roll, Jordan, Roll." They made a fine complement.

Wow, I am not an economic expert like many who frequent this site. But I read his book called "The Escape from Hunger and Premature Death: 1700-2100". This is an amazing economic history book that broke new ground and is very readable for the common man. Rarely (if ever?) have I read such an insightful work, it fundamentally changed how I think about the past and it made me appreciate my modern life more than any other work I have ever read. It made me a more optimistic person with better perspective in the modern world.


What books of his would you recommend to a first-time Fogel reader?

Is this the only Nobel awarded essentially for work on Economic History? Part of Friedman's too I guess.

Read his wikipedia bio and the NYT obit. He shared the 93 Nobel with Douglass North, another pioneer in the Cliometrics movement. The 1993 Nobel was clearly given to recognize economic history.

The Telegraph's obit has appeared this morning (Friday 14th).

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