Assorted links

1. John Cochrane on the case for gold.

2. An update on European economies, including some pieces of good news.

3. Miracle Village, Florida.

4. The experiment with a tipless restaurant, part II here.  Here is one good passage: “The other reason we didn’t accept tips was that removing any option for tipping was the only way to remove those two parasitic businesses — the side business between the server and guest, and the side business between the server and cooks — from our own company.  By not allowing these side businesses to exist, we created an environment where all of us were engaged in only one mission, our stated goal of creating remarkable experiences for our guests, around local food and drink.  Being in only one business made us like pretty much every other company in America, except that it also made us unlike any other restaurant in America.”

5. “Borges never wrote a work of fiction longer than fourteen pages.”

6. Hermit shell crabs and city skylines, from Japan.


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