Eating in Bangalore

Many of you useful MR reader recommendations here.  I’ll recommend the Muslim food stalls along Cock Burn avenue, especially during Ramadan.  First-rate for haleem is Hotel Fanoos (the attached restaurant) in Richmondtown, near the Hosur Water Tank.  The Chinese restaurant in the Oberoi is not to be missed.  For South Indian food, try Athityam in Jayanagar 5th block, make sure you order some specials and go beyond the dosas, which are excellent but not the best item here.  My favorite was the Pesarattu.


Pesarattu: the Unbread -- I love that movie!

"Cock Burn avenue": really? Not Cockburn Avenue?

The body of the post was very confusing to me until I realized the title was not "Eating in Baltimore".

When I heard Tyler mention during his 'talk' at Bangalore that he at a 'pesarattu', I was amazed (one more time) by how much he knows. Most Indians wouldn't have heard of pesarattu.

I am disappointed that Airlines Hotel was not mentioned anywhere. Unfortunately, hotel food in Bangalore really doesn't compare to South Indian oota in people's homes, so when eating out, one should attempt to find food of a certain quality and then pay close attention to ambience. A lazy Sunday breakfast at Airlines Hotel, for instance, is an experience that should not be missed. The charm is more in the waiter's gruff demeanor, the plastic cheers and the (increasingly) rare trees (dating back from Bangalore's long-lost days as a green city) than the delicious coffee and idli sambar. Truly a Bangalore institution, and Bangalore's only (I believe) drive-in.

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