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3, Not sure why you think anyone would construe this episode as further evidence that most tenured faculty are overpaid. Administrators overpaid, yes,

Because they aren't as flea-bitten as the rest of us. But the flip side of that coin is should everyone else be so bad off. In the case of an administration burning calories on things like spying on Facebook posts it's a lot like asking are Americans spoiled because their government doesn't gas them and censor everything and oppress them fully.

3.c. Does anyone ever paint a university with a single professor's wacky opinion?

#6. The hard part is not getting into the store, but coming back to the car. Going in, you are empty handed, coming out, you have arm loads, thus circling around to find a close space pays dividends in the end because your "weighted" return trip costs "less".

You may have misread--the circlers didn't just take more time *overall*, they ended up parking just as far away as the quicker parkers.

"On Average..." What does that tell you about *your* optimal strategy? Absolutely nothing.

It's kind of funny that a professor in Virginia studied a Wal-Mart in Mississipi. I have it on solid info that Virginia has Wal-Marts and Mississipi has oversold university parking lots.

Bookless and Texas.
Of course. Everyone in Texas is an illiterate creationist so they don't need books.

6. is classic "everybody is exactly like me" reasoning. If you're a fit young male traveling alone in nice weather with other places to be, of course take the first place you see and walk fast. Other people might be optimizing for other things. "Don't get car dinged," "ease of vehicle entry and exit," "safest route for small children," "best shade," and "minimum outside walk distance" come to mind.

You are so consistently bitter towards young childless males that I'm beginning to wonder if you are on Durex's payroll.

Ha! Okay, that was good and it made me smile.

I think I'm merely consistently bitter in a non-partisan sort of way. It is a coincidence that much of the stuff cited to here is written by young guys not thinking outside their immediate circumstances. If this were a mommy blog, I'd be complaining about something else.

Or it's "Before I park I'm going to circle this parking lot to make sure there are no young, childless males skulking about."

I'm only joking because I think women don't have that good of a situational awareness.

I take the first spot I see, and the real reason is impatience. The more time you spend looking for a spot, the more likely it is you are going to be held up by someone slooooowly walking in front of you or someone sloooooowly pulling out in front of you.

6. Take the first spot and search for a close spot were tied on average in terms of walking distance. There were gender differences, too, but I will those to Larry Summers to describe.

4. That's what happens when people don't read MR. Too many prisoners in the UK, too few in the Netherlands, a useful arrangement is cited right here at yet they seem unaware.

5. In which you discover that somewhere in this world there's a pet store called Who's Your Doggy.

Maybe you can explain #3 a little more? Because they care about things other than money are willing to negotiate for them?

3. If UO faculty are overpaid, they will accept the terms and no one will leave. But I suspect if this passes, many will leave. You could argue the deadwood will stay while the most productive researchers will leave.

Item 6. probably should have had the subtitle "And you could construe this as further evidence that most tenured faculty are overpaid."

Huffpost leaps to the wrong conclusion on Dutch prisons. Inevitably.

A quick look at OECD stats shows the Netherlands has higher than average crime rates for things like robbery and assault but an exceptionally low rate of sentencing.

So it's not that they have a "lack of criminals," it's that they don't put them in prison.

Comparing such crime rates as robbery and assault across jurisdictions isn't generally very reliable/useful.

I would have bet that the science would be out of the schools in Texas before the books were out of the libraries.

What's it say about a society when the most important daily goal of the overwhelming majority is to find a place to park their car as closely as possible to the front door of where they're working or shopping? I'm going to start a business providing valet parking for fitness clubs.

I had a roommate in college on the track team who used to ask for car rides 1 block to the gym to practice.

He did not last on the team all four years.

The Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA), which represents more than 60 organisations, called for the government to urgently limit "the unnecessary use of prison, ensuring it is reserved for serious, persistent and violent offenders for whom no alternative sanction is appropriate".

I would like have our government try a bit of that here.

#2 This is essentially a state sanctioned version of Piratebay with an inferior usability. It is beyond me how people insist that free propagation of information is wrong and should be forbidden unless you add in some arbitrary obstacles like not being able to read the books on your own software and forbid two people from reading the book at the same time. For gods sake, it's just bits! The difference between "loaning" and "copying" in digital world doesn't exist!

So, a library district is Texas opens a digital library and the bigoted comments on this site consist of "what a buncha illiterate morons." If this had been done in, say, Portland, it would have been hailed as a bold move into the future.

How will the Good Book be referred to? The Good E-Book? And if someday all the Bibles in Texas are digitalised, how will anyone take an oath? Will they place the right hand on a CD which has the text of the Bible?

7. I followed the first two "difficulties" cited by Bradley and Donway. They both look like misdirection: why businessmen weren't full-throated advocates of laissez faire (this was a claim? if so, hardly central) and a *recent* quote of Kolko's that proves his political framework in 1963 (the problem with this seems obvious). Material was introduced in the summary that was not in the body. Meh.

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