Assorted links

1. India’s vanishing jobs (slideshow).

2. Unique hotels (some with giraffe, elephant, pink dolphin), recommended link.

3. More on why you should watch Orphan Black.

4. Noon, October 30th, a statistics “unconference,” on-line.

5. Japanese manhole covers.

6. An older post on household size and stagnant median income; good readers will recall this passage from TGS, which I also blogged: “Since 1989, the size-adjusted and size-unadjusted measures have been rising at roughly the same rate, and post-1979 the difference between the size-adjusted and the size-unadjusted median income measures is never more than 0.3 percent.”  Note also that the economic problems of 1973-1982 or so were from two oil price shocks (very directly TGS) and also from a required disinflation.  In this sense too changing household size from that earlier period is a red herring.


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