The high price of land in Singapore, educational Morlocks edition

At N.T.U., a group of researchers has spent the past year gathering available data on the university’s surface topography and subsurface geology.

The preliminary survey, completed late last month, found that the campus, which is in western Singapore, offers opportunities for underground space development. Extensive investigations indicated that rock strata 20 to 30 meters, or 66 to 98 feet, below the surface, are suited for cavern construction with spans as wide as 20 meters wide.

“In the long term, the university may need to go underground” to accommodate projected increases in the student population, said Zhao Zhiye, one of four researchers who worked on the study.

…Designed for both learning and socializing, the learning complex — a group of interconnected caverns — would include the university’s main library, a museum, study rooms, cafeterias and conference halls. The sports hall, beneath the existing university sports complex, would house basketball, badminton and table tennis courts, swimming pools and spectator stands.

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