Assorted links

1. David Bowie’s favorite one hundred books.

2. Ten major events from the history of the repo markets.

3. Philip Delves Broughton, at The Wall Street Journal, reviews *Average is Over*.  And there is a William Galston WSJ review here, though I would say Galston, despite his invocation of Swift, hasn’t studied Swift enough to get when someone actually is…moralizing.  Insofar as Average is Over has a moral lesson (and most of the book really is positive or predictive or prescriptive at the individual level), it is that we are not doing — and for reasons of self-interest and self-deception not about to do — most of those things which would in fact make human lives much better.

4. If they added an Albanian character to HBO’s *Girls*.

5. Juan Linz has passed away.  And here is Matt Yglesias on Linz.


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