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It's not a Nobel Prize for Economics but a prize awarded by the Swedish Bank.


So stop lying.

The recipients are picked by the same body that picks the winners for Chemistry and Physics. The award in economics is given out with the other awards at the same ceremony. It seems to me that you are making more out this than the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences does. So tell me, what do you know that they don't?

Actually, there is no such thing as a “Nobel Prize in Economics”. There is a “Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.” Alfred Nobel set up exactly five prizes: physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and for peace. They’ve been awarded since 1901.

@James, yes, we are all aware of that distinction. But the point is: who cares?

Isn't the difference academic? Apparently the Nobel guys don't seem to mind much.

So it is "lying" to call a prize awarded by the Nobel Foundation in memory of Alfred Nobel, which is awarded according to the same process and selection criteria and given at the same ceremony, whose winners are called Nobel laureates by the Nobel Foundation itself, a "Nobel Prize"?

Yes, the Nobel Foundation gives the economics prize a different official title to distinguish it from prizes originally established by Nobel. But there is no reason popular usage has to follow that. And even they aren't as pedantic about it as you are being. For example, on their website there is a drop down that says "Choose a Nobel Prize" and allows you to select Economic Sciences.

The very name of the prize is a bald-faced lie. How is it ‘in memory of Alfred Nobel’? It isn’t. Alfred Nobel has no relevance to economics nor will he be more remembered now that he has an economics prize named after him. The Turing award was named such in memory of Turing. The Abel prize was named such in memory of Abel. The economics ‘Nobel’ was named such to lend prestige to the prize.


What relevance did Alfred Nobel have to Literature? Has the Nobel Foundation ever expressed displeasure at the Economics prize being clubbed / associated with the rest?

Does this mean I have to give the same rat's about the others as I do the economics?

You realize the purpose of awards is to raise the status of the awards, right?

Who didn't idolize Shiller and Fama beforehand? I didn't know the other guy, but I do this for fun because my day job sucks.

#4 is hilarious, living out every five year old boy's dream.

Hilarious from a safe distance, like Sherif Joe Arpaio of AZ. Apparently Ganzler is running for Governor of MD. From the comment section: "Gansler in my opinion always has been - and always be - a useless, self aggrandizing shameless self promoter. He was that way when he was an Assistant U.S.Attorney and nothing changed when he was elected State's Attorney in Montgomery County. While the lead prosecutor, Gansler had a murder conviction (shaken baby case) overturned because of his own prosecutorial misconduct. Then he was sanctioned by the Maryland Court of Appeals for making improper public comments. And finally, because Gansler couldn't shut his big mouth, he lost any chance of having the Muhammed and Malvo cases tried first in Maryland. Since experience and judgment matter and since Gansler is totally lacking in both - why would anyone vote for him. The fact that he pushed the Troopers in his security patrol doesn't surprise me. That Gansler is falsely denying it should not surprise anyone else. And think how significant it is that Gansler's own security patrol wrote a memo about it.... ANYONE WOULD BE A BETTER CHOICE FOR GOVERNOR"

And, arguably, this is defamation by republication, and, arguably, Tyler Cowen is breaking the law as this post is not economics related, and he is not monitoring the comments, and, arguably, could be subpoenaed by a Maryland court for defamation. See, They do this all the time outside the USA, like in Singapore, which does not, unlike the USA, have a Public Figure exception, but they use the more 'harsh' UK standard for defamation (the defendant must prove the truth of the alleged defamation). Thanks for reading this. And if you comment on it you too are potentially breaking the law. How does it feel to be a criminal?

"Hilarious from a safe distance"--a safe distance from Maryland roads, that is!

"Prove it" how? By pointing to the troopers who are saying they were there?

I don't mind that our country sucks a little less than a lot of others on this speech thing. What does bother me is that I know it is totally luck because if more people like Gansler had more power we wouldn't be so lucky.

Defamation and freedom of speech are an interesting topic, but here's another aspect of this.

Hey, twice in about two weeks I've had a 'trooper' pull up behind me and flick on their lights until I pull over and then they just keep going at their usual speed limit +15 mph (aka leisurely cop speed) and turn their lights off. Are you folks aware of this yet?

I think it's yet another mundane indicator that we are at some kind of, no pun intended, tyranny escape velocity.

Seems you were in the trooper's way and he just wanted you to pull over so they could continue their sojourn.
And now you are not only posting one line zingers, but replying to your own posts! Gawd man, you're losing it.

The quiz in 3 is impossible to complete. Question 28 asks, "28) When discussing clothes with non-dandies, they look you over and:

a) Ask for advice (+5)
b) Give you advice (-5)"

In order to know the answer to this question, I must give the test to the people with whom I discuss clothes. But for them to complete it, I must first complete it, and for me to complete it, they must first complete it. So we're all standing here in the of the computer waiting patiently...

Well I can at least give you the answer to #31: d

Come on, this is easy. Have a bunch of people take the quiz, excluding question 28. Select all the people who would score as non-dandies no matter how they answer question 28. Discuss clothes with these people and complete your quiz accordingly.

Do note that there is a disclaimer stating the quiz is "for entertainment purposes only". But presumably you are being entertained by this concocted conundrum, so that is ok.

So, do they now require this test for everyone who gets off the locomotive before they get to go to the saloon?

Well I can at least tell you the answer to #31 is (d).

The dandy questionnaire lacks credibility.
"How often do you eat in the presence of young attractive women" would reveal an essential element. I'm just not sure how to score the answer.

I'm afraid you a rather inclined to believe that women are the only object of affection of dandies.

On the contrary! That's why I'm not sure how to score the answer :)

The field of Alzheimer's Disease is rife with puffed-up claims for recent research. If all of them were true, we'd have multiple effective therapies by now.

A big problem is a single notion of the etiology of AD has choked off funding for other promising lines of research. Unfortunately, there is a large and growing body of evidence that this notion is wrong.

That shouldn't really happen if the NIH does what people think it does. I get the whole world of scarcity thing, but if bad ideas economically crowd out trying good ideas you are doing research funding wrong. That said, amyloid buildup is a pretty good hypothesis to focus on ruling out.

This appears more likely to be exaggerated claims about good research.

Members of the media and scientists both have incentive for this sensational coverage. Scientists rarely get held accountable for the kind of claims made in this article, and if they are, they can just place the blame on the media for not understanding their work, even if they were complicit in that.

About how much time should we give the Amyloid Hypothesis? Would 20 years be enough? They've already had that.

The following papers point out the problems with the Amyloid Hypothesis. The first two do so in the context of proposing alternative mechanisms for the etiology of Alzheimer's Disease. The third is from a proponent of the Amyloid Hypothesis, but who recognizes its problems.

4. Nothing a hidden dash cam and black box wouldn't resolve.

3. I didn't score high enough to even aspire to affected.

Top score for caustic wit, but otherwise somewhere in the infrared part of the dandy spectrum. I'm curiously disappointed.

Didn't something like this cause the car wreck that badly injured Jon Corzine? He was late for a meeting and had his state trooper driver going 90 down the freeway with the lights flashing. I bet this is more common than we think.

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