Assorted links

1. The 100 best novels, as selected in 1898.  How many have you never even heard of?

2. Beyond Medicaid?  And the Swiss proposal for a guaranteed minimum income.

3. On Krugman and the eurozone, by Anders Aslund.  I don’t agree with everything in the piece, but it makes some good points and in any case this perspective is underrepresented in the economics blogosphere.

4. Which animals dislike their own pooh and why.

5. Mirowski responds to critics (pdf).  In the end section, he should have been more gracious to Diane Coyle.

6. “He’s my best friend.” (Department of Why Not?)  And maybe books do change peoples’ minds after all (NFL player quits after reading Noam Chomsky and the Dalai Lama).


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