Assorted links

1. Swarms of everyday objects sometimes look alive.  And what are the ten biggest breakthroughs in physics over the last 25 years?

2. There is talk of a new Borjas paper criticizing immigrant complementarity.  I cannot myself click through to the actual paper.  Note: new George Borjas piece on the wage effects of immigration actually is here.

3. Did the Great Divergence have late medieval origins?

4. Robert Pippin reviews Žižek on Hegel: “…one of the most curious things about Hegel’s basic position is that it can be fairly summarized by saying that there is no independent, positive position. Rather it is the right understanding of the other logically possible positions.”

5. I wonder if they will smell (there is no great stagnation).

6. What is the shadow cast by the Asian financial crisis?


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