Assorted links

1. Doug Henwood with a neo-Marxist review of Piketty.  Here is Ryan Decker on Piketty.  Brad DeLong links to eleven different reviews.

2. Russia to recession?  And an FT piece on Crimeanomics and sanctions leverage.  And which news sites refer the most to Hitler?

3. Hire a drone with Bitcoin.  And markets in everything, via Greg Mankiw.

4. Lars Christensen on economic forecasting and AD-AS.

5. Non-compete agreements, non-poaching, and incentives to train (pdf).  And here is Evan Starr’s home page.

6. The world’s highest wind turbine.

7. What is the latest evidence on “too big to fail” banks?

8. Catherine Rampell has a new WaPo blog.  Economics with, we hope, a bit of theater.


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