Drone carries a taser

A Texas firm has revealed a personal security drone with a stun gun capable of unleashing 80,000 volts.

The firm showed off the drone in a series of shocking demonstrations bringing a volunteer to the ground.

It says the drone uses a smart app to track intruders, and once it had received the go ahead from a human operator, it fires taser darts and unleashes 80,000 volts.

…Called Cupid which stands for Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, the security product was revealed today at the SXSW Festival in Austin as a concept for the future of security.

Furthermore there is an app:

It can find a subject and send live video to the owner’s phone and ask if you want to authorise the subject or detain them.

‘If you detain them, it drops into fully automomous mode to detain them until police arrive, if need be stunning them with 80,000 volts of electricity to render them incapacitated.’

There is more here, with video demonstration.  For the pointer I thank Mark Thorson.


The end of graffiti?

I'm struggling to imagine what could possibly go wrong.

Hmmm, what could go wrong with autonomous kill bots? Nah, nothing comes to mind.

One of the episodes of "Almost Human" dealt with autonomous security systems - it killed a teenage boy who was lost and in the wrong yard.

Sounds better than current police officers, who occasionally kill young boys playing in their own yards.

I'll bet one could defend oneself from one of these drones by throwing something like a towel on it.

That's probably what Douglas Adams had in mind in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


Also, shut up about voltage already, the media. You know those little static shocks you get in the winter? More than 10,000 volts.

And another drone swoops in and tases you in the back. That's why they fly in swarms.

Good point, EMP's and body armor it is.

Fortunately we do in fact have the technology to defend ourselves against these:

I was all set to send the link to Radley Balko, but then I realized that the link was to the Daily Mail, which I don't consider reliable.

Link from gizmodo (are they reliable?), and establish that it's a hypothetical though plausible product. Probably a waste of time to worry about at this point.

Yes we just need to have a moratorium on Daily Mail links. If you can't find it elsewhere it didn't happen. I trust twitter rumors more, after all the Daily Mail is probably the world's leading source of bad information on twitter.

I'll never need to hire a baby sitter again.

Isn't a pit bull cheaper?

but this is cooler

Remember, the highly trained German shepherds that clear your house on command cost $100,1000 so there is an upper bound on price.

Someone who does not know the difference between a laser and a stun gun should not be writing books about technological stagnation.

And people who can't tell the difference between a T and an L?

"or detain them": what, you can "detain" someone on personal whim in the US? Is that canstitootional?

Does everyone have a right to own one or more under the Second Amendment?

Just wait until the drones have actual guns -- and also a mechanical arm that can pick and carry wallets.

Someone in a basement in China is probably already working on a "remote robbery" app.


The video (at least the shooting) is fake, but it's a good window into the future nevertheless.

Why not call it a PID? By definition a drone is unmanned and calling it chaotic isn't exactly good marketing

Don't ask me how I know, but I'm pretty sure the name Cupid does not stand for Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone. For some reason I'm positive they came up with the name Cupid and then worked backwards from that.

It's original name was Specialist Targeted Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone.

"It's"? Aaaaargh.

I think PID is already taken - for the control theoretic system that runs the drone.

And be sure, soon we will see such firms promoting the "safer" option of tasing everyone into compliance (with being compliant) based on the claim that it is less violent than if the drones were to be set to automatically shoot anyone it deemed to be unauthorized.

How is this news. Did none of you read my book "Zero History"?

That poor intern! Won't somebody please think of the children!

This won't amount to much. It is quicker, easier and (at least in some jurisdictions like Florida) carries less risk of penalty to just shoot anyone who annoys you

Only if the prosecutor overcharges though.

Well if the guy's bouncing your head off the concrete...

Robert Sheckley wrote a short story about this in 1953. "Watchbird":
Basically, the drones get out of control but no worry - the government promptly built a bigger, more capable drone able to kill smaller drones.

If there any explanation to why the drones topic comes up everybody cites TV/books/movies? Some people is joking and it's fun. Others are just sad.

Easily defeated by a 12 gauge...

Be careful with such strategies. In Florida you can unload that shotgun on "scary" young people, but I bet you'll get in trouble if you shoot someone's drone.

Begun this drone war has...

the article said. As the only superpower in the west, the United States has long been the "begging target" for the Dalai clique. For its strategic needs, the U.S. has used the Dalai clique as a "chess piece" to contain China and is ready to embrace the clique, the article said.

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