Sentences to ponder

She discovered that dogs were more likely to yawn after hearing the yawn of a familiar human than of an unfamiliar human.

There is more here, and I thank Vic Sarjoo, a loyal MR reader.


And thus is human knowledge and well-being advanced.

Familiarity breeds contempt.

"Studying Contagious Yawning Might Help Us Build Better Societies"

That implies that societies are built, by us. I haven't been doing my share unless commenting on this blog counts. I'll yawn in front of the dog for awhile.

The best thing is that dogs around the world run off when I bend down and pretend to pick up a rock.

The second-best thing is that our Korean, Chinese and Hawaiian neighbors enjoy dog meat as an appetizer or even a meal.

And we eat pigs, who are reputedly smarter but missed the cute genes.

I used to think we domesticated dogs. Now I believe dogs saw a good deal living with us - warmth, scraps, protection - and colonized our societies.

Pigs are cute! Problem is they're more delicious than cute.

How do we know dogs aren't delicious? Ever try one? :)

I guess the Vernal Equinox has drawn the trolls out form under their bridges.

I think that the Ig Nobel Prize has found its future laureate. (

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