That is the new Ezra Klein-led news site, and a demo version of the site is at www.vox.com, where you can watch an explanatory video.  You can follow them on Twitter here.  They are on Instagram here.  YouTube here.

You can also think of this as a project in history, or on-line education.


Remember, no making fun of Tyler's friends.


Captures the sentiment of the post and the likely reactions.

"Vox is a general interest news site for the 21st century. Its mission is simple: Explain the news." - that was the mission of the Washington Post, Klein's old employer. They got famous, like most famous newspapers, putting commentary into the news.

Give credit to Vox for making clear that the Keynesian multiplier is probably less than one (i.e., crowding out from government spending), see: http://instagram.com/p/lVqm99RW7L/

Refer to the Chris House* post of today for more background. BTW Krugman's historical survey ("War Among the Economists" powerpoint) is quite good for a layman like me.

* Chris House is a chess fan; Ken Rogoff is a chess fan; TC is a chess fan, and they are all economists. Chess is a game of spotting patterns and then--this is key that none of you that don't play chess will understand--spotting the exceptions to what seems to be the same pattern. These guys also do well in picking stocks sometimes (in a stock picking contest chess players do well, more so than by chance). Coincidence? I think not.

It should be noted that Colin Crouch is also an economist and a master chess player.

How so? I think the spike and fall around 2010 was the temporary census hiring, not the effect of the stimulus.

Log meet roller.

I don't know which I'm more surprised by: that they have Willy Wonka involved, or how much he's let himself go.

Still, I'm surprised they didn't show Yglesias. Isn't he supposed to be a big part of this?

He's in the intro video.

Or, you can also think of this as a business.

Does this mean Vix will only report the news/whatever they themselves understand? Will they be able to update their beliefs, if it turns out they were wrong? Will they be anything else than op-ed?

Vox... Not Vix. Damn you, smartphone keyboard.

I prefer this Vox: http://voxday.blogspot.com/

Interesting that his sponsor for this is GE. The corporate state is coming together nicely. Somewhere Albert Speer is laughing.

Ezra Klein is an interesting act. Like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart, he is peddling boob bait to the bobos. Repeating people's beliefs back to them, but dressed up with authority is a proven money maker. It really works with the hive minds on the Left. They need constant reinforcement. But, there remains that possibility Klein is himself a true believer and it is not an act.

Fell asleep with the tv on last night. Woke up to an infomercial for beauty products that make your skin look better. Ezra is no different than these snake oil salesmen.

Limp pun linking the blog author to the voice of God? Check.

Inventor of the WarMouse, a computer mouse with 18 buttons, a scroll wheel, a thumb-operated joystick, and 512k of memory? Check.

Board member Daddy at WorldNetDaily, where his son just happens to get a weekly column? Check.

Hates feminism, in part because women are inferior viewed from his invincible perch of manliness? Check.

Hates atheists, because the proof of God is proven sufficiently by Vox Day's writing? Check.

Father a felon sentenced to more than 11 years of prison? Check.

Going to change the publishing world after getting kicked out of SFWA? Check.

Yep, Theodore Beale is a real piece of work. And he would be the first to tell you of his many other accomplishments - game designer, musician, and a man who is never, ever wrong. Unlike his many inferiors.


Well, well. Look who has Vox-envy.

"Repeating people’s beliefs back to them, but dressed up with authority is a proven money maker. It really works with the hive minds on the Right and Left and Everyone Else"

-Fixed it for ya, Z

What's going on here is a common tactic of the Modern American Moonbat. It is the desperate attempt to shift the focus from their cult to something else. Here, we see the "I'm rubber you're glue" gambit. What the young moonbat is seeking is to move the focus from the buzzing bees of his hive to a debate about whether this exists elsewhere. You'll also note the totalitarian world view. Everything is either inside the walls (good) or outside the walls (bad).

Simpler, more correct answer: the Right does it too, I agree msgkings

Dang couldn't you have gone for Mencius Moldbug, he's a lot more respectable than Vox Day.

I did not know this was going to be the politics version of SB Nation-Eater-Curbed. Not that that's a problem - huge Matt Y. fan here (dandy suit BTW!) -- but Vox is just filling a gap in someone's Gawker-clone empire. I'm also not sure I can handle all the longform meta pieces this summer about First Look-538-Vox.

They are advertising with a video of very young people with stickers on their laptops telling me they can help me understand the news.

It scares me what the target audience is for this site, and what they will do with that audience if they are successful, which they well may be.

Meh. Judging by Klein and Yglesias' prior work, what they aim to do is provide a steady stream of wonky, Inside Baseball type coverage of Washington and Capitol Hill. The problem with this is that the wonkier they get, the smaller the audience is going to be for their material. How many people really want to devote their free time to reading about SNAP reform proposals? Hardly anybody. The alternative is that they don't so much explain wonky news as take general interest news and explain to you what you should think about it; ie, ditch the wonkery for straight progressive propaganda (Matt Yglesias will be especially valuable here), but the market seems pretty well saturated for that, already. They may have to walk a fine line, in other words, and while I'm sure they'll build a loyal audience, they won't exactly have Senators kissing their butts for endorsements.

That's convincing and, so, bizarrely very reassuring.

Typical American news reportage is written at the 3rd grade reading level. It doesn't really need "explaining". Editorials are really explaining the news as much as complaining about it. So are a bunch of pundits who critique the news going to shift focus and now explain it? Or is this another language shift leaving old farts like me in the dust?

The Klein Brand has always been to bring the explanations up to at least a high school reading level so the target audience feels more sophisticated, without actually needing to tax their brains all that much. It's the same principle as that behind TED talks.

I guess few commentators know that ad hominems are both self-refuting and serious flags for mood affiliation.

(Me? I'll wait until people forward content from the site, and then judge it. I am not interested enough to follow directly.)

Your self-beclownment never gets old.

I believe reserving judgement until I see actual content demonstrates both rationality and reserve.

Yglesias isn't bad, but do really think Ezra is going to completely remake himself?
Probably enough track record to know what to expect.

But they are advertising based on style, looks, personality, persona (sorry, nothing personal intended there!), brand.

Ad hominem is one thing, but how about ad brandinem? Are we not allowed to make evaluations (and have reservations) about what the future content will be based on how they are selling it now?

Isn't it jumping the gun a bit to be referring to it as a news site already? I think that's something that will have to show itself over time.

Where does journolist figure into all of this?

The Dalai clique takes for granted that with the backing of the only superpower in the world, there is hope for so-called "Tibet independence." In fact, the U.S. has not met all of the Dalai Lama's demands.

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