The INTIMACY project (there is no great stagnation)

INTIMACY is a high-tech fashion project exploring the relation between intimacy and technology. Its high-tech garments entitled ‘Intimacy White’ and ‘Intimacy Black’ are made out of opaque smart e-foils that become increasingly transparent based on close and personal encounters with people.

Social interactions determine the garmentsʼ level of transparency, creating a sensual play of disclosure.

INTIMACY 2.0 features Studio Roosegaardeʼs new, wearable dresses composed of leather and smart e-foils which are daringly perfect to wear on the red carpet. In response to the heartbeat of each person, INTIMACY 2.0 becomes more or less transparent.

There is more information here, and for the pointer I thank Samir Varma.


Market for heartbeat emulators?

Yeah, we'll NEVER go wrong having too many mediocre STEM graduates.

Brilliant. How could this go wrong?

Well, if you're of a nervous disposition, don't worry about malfunctions rendering you naked in public. I mean don't even think about it. Your heartbeat will rise, panic will set in, and before you know it you're nude in the high street. ...

positive feedback loop

Is this the place where someone says something about the Emperor's clothes?

No, that's next door. This is Arguments.

No, it's not.

I'd assume this is an elaborate joke, but you can't tell with "art" like that.

I'm not sure there's even a difference between "serious" and "not serious" in that context.

"but you can’t tell with “art” like that."


There is no great stagnation in technology for attention whores to attention whore.

Didn't Kurt Vonnegut have a story with a similar theme?

Although I guess you can say that about most interesting ideas.

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