The early days of American Austrian economics

John Blundell has a captivating report (pdf), here is one bit:

When Hayek asked Bartley to do the biography he said: “There are only three things that sell books namely sex, money and violence. As to sex, well, I left my first wife for my first girlfriend. As to money, well, I never had any. And as to violence, let me tell you how I came to bayonet a man to death in World War One!”

For the pointer I thank Yana.


Which of the two said it?

The wife.

So who did the bayonetting?

The first or the second?

The more interesting question is what he means by "first girlfriend". Does he mean that he had never had a girlfriend before he got married? Or does he mean he dumped the mother of his children to go back to his high school sweet heart?

By some sources, his 2d wife was slightly older than his first, and a cousin. So, apparently.

It is sad to say there is complete truth to this statement. Our youth is being poisoned by the social media, as well as books, due to the topics that can sell. By misleading the audience, sex,, violence, and money become ones main goal in life. It all circles back in a monetary cycle why do they advertise sex an money daily... To obtain a vast audience, sky rocketing their listeners as well as their income. Our world is corrupted by money, but there is no way around it it's a necessity of life

I think it's safe to say that the youth of the early 80s were not poisoned by social media.

Oh yes we were, we had three way calling and the nerds could use dial-up and bbs.

I tell you it has all gone down hill since the Symbol Maker's Teenage Son travelled across the river, as so capably re enacted by Robert Vaugn in the brilliant historical film "Teen Age Caveman"

Did you know actor Robert Vaughn had a PhD in Philosophy?

I like to ignore data and speak nonsense too!

I agree completely.

While I think we do enough discussing of money and finance on this blog, and I find the discussions of sex and violence sadly lacking. Shockingly inadequate, really.

I think, Tyler, you should take a more commercial attitude towards your posts hereafter and give us--your public--what we want.

Perhaps you could start by asking who is the most bang-able economist working today?

I have to say it is a tough field to make a choice in, but I would have to go with the wife-beating Thomas Picketty. So dreamy.

However I think Bartley sells himself and Hayek short. Didn't someone actually make money with a book about Hayek and Wittgenstein *not* coming to blows?

" Didn’t someone actually make money with a book about Hayek and Wittgenstein *not* coming to blows? "

Don't know about that.
But on a related note, there exists a video of Wittgenstein playing football against some other philosophers:

I think we should be grateful we don't have his tweets as a 15-year old.

I know a recording of Bertrand Russell exists. I wonder what the oldest recording of any significant philosopher is?

Wittgenstein and Popper.

Oldest recording, significant philosopher, Shroud of Turin, Verb. sap. sufficit.. Also, the Wittgenstein Popper poker incident was described in The Warden, a novel by Anthony Trollope.

Vetr I think you must either mean predicted or you must just be completely wrong. Trollope was long dead before the incident occurred. Long dead before Wittgenstein was even born in fact.

Sam Haysom - Predicted was the right word for the Trollope poker incident

Popper poked with a poker, probably.

(Not falsifiable though.)

If they weren't Austrians, they'd tighten that loose "monetary cycle" by targeting nominal SVM.

Those damned libraries: notorious centers of violence.

Casanova ended up as a librarian in Bohemia. So they might be notable centers of sexual intrigue. I am not sure of any notably murderers who ended up working as librarians. But there must be some.

can't help but think of Jorge of Burgos

Fun fact: when Hayek was getting his divorce, he was teaching at the University of Arkansas. We had quickly divorces down here so he took a spot for a year at the UofA.

Not entirely sure of the details but I believe he taught finance.

Here is an interesting excerpt from the article. I wonder if David Theroux is from the same family as the famous travel writer, or related to J. Aniston's current boyfriend. Dearime, where are you to comment on the Koch brothers below? Note they were interested in Austrian economics long before it was fashionable. RL

Whose idea was South Royalton? Charles [Koch] was very much interested in Austrian economics. He brought Mises to Wichita in the late ‘60s and Bob Love [another prominent Wichita businessman] brought [Hans] Sennholz every year. Charles saw [Murray] Rothbard as a “fertile mind” and was interested in getting Murray’s input at IHS after Baldy died in April 1973. Charles, Murray and I all wanted to push Austrian economics at IHS and Charles agreed to fund conferences and books. While we were searching for someone to run IHS
The Charles Koch Foundation’s first activities were conferences like the one you ran in London and the speaker program that David Theroux ran in Chicago. This was 1976.


I think the Kochs and the Austrians had a big blow-up some time in the past ten years.

The Mises Institute folks seem to be really good at pissing off everybody and burning down the bridges as they stomp away from former allies, seething with righteous indignation.

Pissing people off is easy

No no no! Money BUYS books. Demand!

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