Assorted links

1. Why does lightning discriminate against men?

2. Comparing the four health care systems of the UK.  And English speed dating with a bag over your head.  And do British women prefer Danish sperm?

3. This seems to be a brilliant review of the new Transformers movie.  It almost makes me want to see the movie to appreciate the review more.  Almost.  And here is another interesting review.

4. Neither Harriet nor Duncan.  The culture that is Iceland.

5. Some people now find it hard to oppose the Ex-Im Bank.  And here is Senator Obama on the Ex-Im Bank.  Is it that hard to accept that some small part of government simply should be sent to oblivion?  I guess so.  As Arnold Kling points out, this is the chance we have.  This AEI piece calls for expanding the Bank.

6. Do criminals have more children?  Data from Sweden seem to say yes.


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