China fashion markets in everything

Fashionistas no longer have to choose between looking stylish and protecting their lungs.

Next week, Beijing- and Hong Kong-based designer Nina Griffee, owner of face-painting and body art company Face Slap, will introduce a new line of outfits that incorporate face masks on the runway as part of a collection at Hong Kong Fashion Week.

Even the designer, who was born in England, admits that the eight outfits she’s created to launch the line – which look something like burkas for the space age – might not be everyone’s cup of tea. “There’s a fine line between fashion and costume,” she says. “I’m not entirely sure we made it completely into the fashion category.”

Though it isn’t the first time models will have appeared on stage wearing masks, it appears to be the first time the effect is so deliberate.

The outfits incorporate Vogmask pollution masks—already a choice among many of the pollution cognoscenti as the most stylish face coverings—attached by a zipper to shawls, dresses and ponchos. The zipper allows the wearer to remove the mask to dine, for instance, while retaining the high-fashion look.

There is more here, with good stylish photos too.


The masks and the program are underwritten by the Chinese Clean Coal Foundation.

See, if you can get everyone to wear masks, it is cheaper and more efficient than regulating emissions.

How Coasian.

I think it's a germ thing, not a pollution thing. You often see them worn by Chinese people in American cities with effectively zero smog.

From Reuters:
-" Chinese citizens are feverishly snapping up face masks as worsening air pollution fuels a multi-million dollar industry where many products fail to provide even basic protection, drawing calls for better oversight and standards.

The country's worsening air quality is at the top of the list of concerns of China's stability-obsessed leaders, anxious to douse potential unrest as a more affluent urban population turns against a growth-at-all-costs economic model that has poisoned much of the country's air, water and soil.

Authorities have invested billions in various projects to fight pollution, but none so far has solved the problems caused by cars, coal-burning power plants and outdated factories that spew millions of tons of toxins into the air.

It is estimated that air pollution in particular causes an estimated 350,000 to 500,000 premature deaths in China every year, according to an article in the medical journal "The Lancet" co-authored by China's former health minister, Chen Zhu.

Face masks have become the norm for many city residents, although only nine out of 37 types tested recently by the China Consumers Association met required standards in terms of filtering particulate matter and enabling easy breathing."

Link here:

I see them frequently around here, a city where smog is absolutely undetectable. And I grew up in the back of beyond, so I have a fine sense for that sort of thing.

I had it explained to me as a germ thing. But perhaps I'm mistaken.

It's both.

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My understanding is that if a mask does not seal tightly enough to be uncomfortable after an hour or two, it really is not that helpful.

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Cyberpunk as FUCK. I love it. Can't we pollute the west so we need to walk around in awesome masks, too?

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Sounds like a fashionable attempt to bring back the bevor

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Another No Name company trolls the media and wins oodles of free publicity.


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From living in Beijing I can tell you that the mask wearing thing is both about germs and smog.
But smog is the main contributor to masks becomming a broad phenomenon.

Good thing that the smog in Europe isn't that bad anymore. The European High Court just ruled that banning of burkas in public in France is ok. Your are not allowed to conceal your identity through a veil there. I gues that also makes wearing masks illeagle.

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Ever change your air filter? You only get one lungs!

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