Wednesday assorted links

1. “Only 11 of 64 games in the TCEC final were decisive, and all of them were won by White.”  Uh-oh.  How far are chess-playing computers from perfection?  Ken Regan on AI across different games.

2. The economics of academic books.  And drunk birds sing worse.  And pictures from the coldest inhabited town.  And what is it like to be a blind film critic?

3. Forthcoming economics books in 2015.

4. How many of these papers will be funny?

5. The truth about bonobos and sex.

6. Matt Yglesias predictions for 2015Arnold Kling predictions, I agree about terrorism by the way.  And what Joshua M. Brown and others learned in 2014, recommended, “a woman’s “be ready in 5 minutes” and a man’s “be home in 5 minutes” are about the same.”


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