Assorted links

1. Scott Sumner on Keynesian excuses.

2. Alan Krueger working for Uber.  And dating average is over.  And rendering Tyler Cowen obsolete.

3. Newspapers are still deep in a financial hole.

4. Divorce machine gun markets in everything.  And Croatia wants to peg to the Swiss franc (!) for mortgage protection.

5. Department of Uh-Oh: more competition leads to higher antibiotic prescription rates.

6. Matthew Slaughter is now Dean of Dartmouth business school.

7. The legal system that is German.  They got the ruling right, I say.

8. Paul Krugman’s estimate: “So, Draghi’s big announcement seems to have raised expected European inflation by one-fifth of a percentage point.”  Alternatively, Daniel Davies on why QE might prove effective.

9. “If everything is clean, then he will be impressed.”


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