The Sacred Introvert Retreat Tour markets in everything

The first Sacred Introvert Retreat Tour will take place this coming May, led by founder Lisa Avebury. Over ten days, participants will visit Glastonbury and other sites in south east England. Travellers will each have their own room and every other day will be a ‘local’ day, when visitors can rest and recharge in the peaceful surroundings of Glastonbury Abbey Retreat. The tour includes visits to mystical, historical sights such as the stone circle and the Chalice Well — where the Holy Grail is supposedly hidden. There are relaxed day trips to medieval churches and roman baths, optional yoga sessions and evening activities such as torchlit walks and bonfires.

Lisa Avebury, a self-proclaimed introvert, founded the retreat company to give quieter individuals a group travel option which catered to their needs, where silences are comfortable and socializing is optional, not mandatory. The trips costs USD 3,795 excluding flights and Avebury hopes it will be the first of many.

There is more here, and for the pointer I thank Michael Rosenwald.


Doesn't this seem entirely too 'white' for you to be talking about? Your new neuro-typical lefty friend will not approve. Self-flagellate more! You are evil because white!

LOL at the gulf between how you think you are perceived and how you actually are.

That sounds nice.

The President is like that -- he can't work a room for very long without disappearing off by himself to recover emotionally.

Yes, he's an obvious introvert, so what? No introverts allowed in the Oval Office?

If you don't want a loud tour guide, and you don't want to talk to other people, then why not just rent a car instead? It would be far cheaper too.

It must be a trip to a parallel world if Glastonbury is in “South East England”.

Yeah really.

Especially ironic from a lass called "Avebury".

A real introvert travels on his own and on her own. No need for tour guides other than books.

Jeb! claims to be an introvert. Jeb! defines introvert as someone who would rather read a book than work a crowd. What's with the Bush clan and books? Anyway, I define an introvert as someone who expends energy in a crowd and an extrovert as someone who absorbs energy in a crowd. For the introvert, being in a crowd is exhausting. For the extrovert, it's refreshing.

I like that interpretation.

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