Assorted links

1. Birds that bring gifts.

2. High parental income means high patent rates (pdf).

3. Here is a weak Elizabeth Bruenig critique of David Brooks on culture and poverty.  She should try to make all of the same points, but using the ethnic Japanese in Brazil as her example.  Or Mormons, or Armenians and education, or…?  The history of Native Americans is also not without relevance here.  I am not impressed by her citation of the fact that “Poor people feel ashamed of the incarceration of relatives.”  There is plenty of social science literature about how much culture matters for outcomes and I don’t see her citing any of it; it is not a response but rather a diversion of attention to argue food stamp expenditures bring a positive rate of return.

4. Critique drift.

5. What do we actually know about Sappho?


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