Dalek Relaxation Tape

If you are not a Doctor Who fan, your mileage may differ but this had me cracking up:


I couldn't drink my coffee I was laughing so hard.


That was hilarious, but I think you would need to be a fan of Dr. Who to truly appreciate it.

Well, the Dr. Who thing would explain why I thought it was mildly amusing, but just barely worth watching.

So Tyler has very recently promoted a "Trade" agreement that tries to enforce worldwide monopolies in the guide of "Intellectual Property," using "CHINA!" as some kind of vague reason.

Alex Tabarrok, who has written very eloquently against the excesses of state-enforced "Intellectual Property" monopolies in the past, has weighed in with a funny Dr. Who video.

Oh my face hurts :D

To anyone who doesn't get this, try watching Prime Minister's Question Time with the sound muted. If that doesn't work, your humour is a lost cause.

I thought this is really relaxation tape ;)

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