Every TV News Report on the Economy Ever

Hat tip: Daniel Altman.


A little too reminiscent of Collately Sisters' business-numerical fixation, which was introduced to the British TV viewer over twenty years ago; Morris later worked with Brooker on "Nathan Barley", so there's no innocent explanation for this homage...

Hot competition for MRU, guys, watch out!

Only thing they forgot was to overly blame or praise (chief executive), or predict that he/she will be blamed or praised, what with an election coming up in (vague future date).

Well done with a British accent to lend gravitas.

Right. Brits have a knack for satire.

Business/Economic news was the last bastion of relatively straight TV news reporting, but has now plunged into the abyss of all other TV news categories.

It's all drama, human interest, mindless templates & repetition, pop culture, and lowest common denominator audience pandering. Local TV news was always this bad, but all the major TV network news surprisingly followed suit; huge expansion of cable TV channels didn't help. Internet is the only media savior, so far.

Hilarious. Great link, Alex.

I started going to the UK regularly in the 1970s and one of my observations was that they reported much more economic data on the evening news than we did in the US.

I decided that it was actually bad news for the country when economic news was regularly reported to the public.

This seems to be inspired by Norwegian TVs self-ironic course in TV journalism:
Which is completely pointless to watch unless you know Scandinavian languages, naturally.

Wow! I didn't realize the economy was that bad! I am calling up my MP and demanding government action right now!

I would have taken the downward sloping graph at 2:05 and put it in the background (with axis names too small to read) behind a studio reporter's talking head, but that's just a quibble. Thanks for freeing up an additional three minutes a day that I can spend on my Facebook news feed.

Good one! And if you watch this you will never have to a visit a digital media conference again.


at this point in the thread, this is where I usually leave an angry comment, which you will either agree with, disagree with, or mumble something about unmedicated schizophrenics...

This is where I leave an angry reply consisting solely of ad hominem attacks.

Hey, where's Ray Lopez when you need him!?

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Heil Sailer!

Great video! Linked to you here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/video-satire-every-business-news-report-you-have-ever-michael-haltman

Did I hear someone say "Collately Sisters"?


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