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Building the biggest and the best sandcastles is an absolute must for children on beaches.

Now a travel company is stepping in to secure the all-important bragging rights for them – by launching the world’s first sandcastle butler service.

From Disney castles to favourite TV characters, the talented concierge staff will be on hand to transform a simple mound of sand into¬†anything guests’ imaginations can conjure up.

Oliver’s Travels, a family villa specialist, is introducing the VIP service at selected destinations in Europe.

When guests book the service they will first get a sandcastle brainstorming session with the butlers in order to create an elaborate sand design.

There are more good photos at the link, and also tips on how to build a great sandcastle, all via the excellent Mark Thorson.


Just another f'kn thing I never gave my kids when they were growing up. Seems like every day now I get reminded of my failure as a dad.

Reminds me of the job in the Hamptons of Stone-Skipping Concierge. Are your children too busy or inept to find flat stones to skip in the sea themselves? Just hire a Stone-Skipping Concierge who will find flat stones for them.

If wanted to see that much of the lower orders legs I'd go to Brighton. I'd need a concierge butler-training service just to make this service palatable.

That made me laugh.

My favorite new era service is for shy, unsociable businessmen who can't play golf and are invited to play by a potential business partner. A pair of skilled, handsome, sociable players show up, carrying your company's business cards, and proceed to carry the game and conversation for your side, always just barely losing in the end. Known in the biz, affectionately of course, as golf whores.

The culture that is England

F*ck the 1%

You mean the new 1% arrivals. Old money would never engage in such shenanigans.

Hear, hear. My family made its money the old-fashion way- the Norman Conquest. These new money arrivistes flush with money from the Dissolution of the Monasteries make me sick.

Nobody has a greater respect for Jeeves's intellect than I have, but this disposition of his to dictate to the hand that fed him had got, I felt, to be checked. This mess-jacket was very near to my heart, and I jolly well intended to fight for it with all the vim of grand old Sieur de Wooster at the Battle of Agincourt.

Interesting how framing something in one way or another can make it sound desirable or not-desirable. Thus a sandcastle expert could be seen as an art teacher showing children how to create sculptures out of common everyday sand. Or as a minder to spoilt rich kids whose parents are too lazy to play with them.

In any event, what nine year old wouldn't want a job making sandcastles? I am reminded of the Simpsons episode when Bart goes into the future. Lisa is President and he is a washed up musician. His report back to their childhood selves when Lisa asks what they are doing is that she has a boring government job and he has a jet scooter. I do sometimes wonder if our obsession with status is not clouding our ability to enjoy life.

I can't see this business in town next summer

Is this really different to summer camps or beach resorts with 24/7 nannies?

I think the only difference is that at a beach resort the nanny at the beach is salaried for the whole year while the butler is an independent contractor for the summer.

This looks to me like something specifically crafted to make the rounds on the internet. If somebody were just offering sand castle building classes to kids at wealthy beach destinations, nobody would like twice. Call it a "butler" and take some goofy Jeeves-like photos and it plugs straight into the whole income inequality zeitgeist and gets lots of coverage.


Much of the viral 'news' is carefully manufactured to trigger emotions in us that make us want to click the 'share' button. That's what the social-media-sphere is incentivizing.

What I really want to know is how to get some student debt to pay for the advanced courses!

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