Forthcoming Uighur markets in everything

Another sign on the door says that a new restaurant will be replacing Charlie Chiang’s and will be “opening soon.”

The new restaurant will be called Amannisahan and will serve Uyghur cuisine, according to the sign. In an indication that a quick reopening may indeed be in the works, Amannisahan says it’s currently hiring restaurant managers and waiters.

Take that Bryan Caplan!  And that’s for Crystal City, VA, by the way here is the Jorma Kaukonen song.

For the pointer I thank Michael Makowsky.


the combination of meat, chili, and cumin always makes Uighur food taste jarringly Tex-Mex. but I'm still jealous.

It is the best of the Central Asian varieties, in my opinion, which can be really bland.

It's the cumin, Tex Mex is really just San Antonio style food with enchiladas and some New Mexican elements. The general story is that since the Spanish settled Canary Islanders there and knowing it was a military colony at the edge of the known universe that was probably going to be overrun by Indians they were not as picky about blood as usual. Thus the food was closer to Moroccan than anything else. But after the Comanche raids began twenty years later in the 1740s wiping out all the other Spanish settlements except San Antonio the spice set dwindled until it was just cumin, chilis, oregeno, garlic, and onion. As time went by the cumin just kept growing in prominence till it peaked in the fifties and sixties. I have seen recipes where two thirds of the total spice mass is ground cumin.

Glad for this. Mostly because Charlie Chiang's is crap. Did not know it was/is closed.

Mutton will forever remind me of that Seinfeld episode. Anyway, the description of Uyghurs cuisine in Wikipedia is appealing (except for the mutton). I often make Asian inspired cuisine at home for myself using the traditional sauces sold in the Asian foods section of the market. But by far the best Asian food I've had is Vietnamese, which is to say French Vietnamese, which is to say French, which is to say those delectable "sooces". The French did contribute something to Vietnamese culture even if we didn't.

Uighurs have a hot taste for tuna, hunh?

What does this allow you to shove in Bryan Caplan's face, exactly?

Good cuisine. Glad there will be some in DC metro area.

In contrast to Germany,

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