Sunday assorted links

1. The Quay twins are leading a marginal revolution.  “In a sense we are obsessive, and anything that we do, read, or any music that we listen to, we always look to each other and say, can that be — we use the word cinematized — can it be “cinematized”? And there’s nothing more that we like than to coax new material out of something that almost doesn’t have a potential. We could never do adaptations of famous pieces. We need the marginal. Whenever we’re reading a book, if it’s a research book, we always find that it’s the footnotes that open up new chapters of imagination.”

2. Uber plus randomized Yelp, you could toss in randomized Tinder too.  What else?

3. Scott Sumner makes the bull case for China.

4. William MacAskill’s doctoral dissertation (pdf), and MacAskill on “the infectiousness of nihilism.”  In addition to his work on effective altruism, MacAskill is in the running to become one of the world’s most interesting moral philosophers.

5. The superb Matt Rognlie on the minimum wage and the likelihood of perfect offset, very good points.

6. The decline of the iPad?

7. “…man overwhelmed by his reptile collection…


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