Asymmetric Information and Signaling

MRUniversity now has its own video production team! We are continuing to work with the artists at Tilapia films to produce outstanding videos for teaching economics–these videos work great with our textbook, Modern Principles. Our in-house production team will be working to polish our “regular” videos in a way that enhances the learning experience. You can see an example of the new style in the video below featuring Tyler on signaling.

Our Principles of Economics course is now complete. You can guess what is coming soon!


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How much of the enhanced video is a quality signal in and of itself?

Your videos are by far one of the best of the whole online university organizations. They are engaging and the graphics are very good.
But, 2 suggestions:
1. It is nicer when the professor speaking is standing and even better if they are moving around on the screen. That gives the air of a real professor on a classroom and it is more engaging versus someone on a close-up just sitting (which can get pretty boring and monotonous). Think weathermen or Neil Degrasse Tyson on his Cosmo series.
2. Play around more with graphics, have them bigger and more interactive, not just bar graphs. In this video for example you could have used the visual of what are typical signals like traffic lights or traffic signals. it is cliche because it works and gets the work doe, visually, in a better way than a bar or an xy graph.

Alex, Tyler:

Nice video. I am assigning it for my managerial economics class.

thank you, Luke

Nothing compares to the Youtube video, I think GMU composed it, of Hayek vs Keynes. "Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem
by EconStories

Maybe they should do an "Epic Rap Battles of History"?

Given that you recently declared "The End of Asymmetric Information" should we interpret this video as meaning that you have changed your mind? I suspect now, but wonder how you explain the discrepancy.

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