Why Weren’t Left Economists More Opposed and More Vocal on the Export-Import Bank?

That is the new piece by Veronique de Rugy, Ryan Daza, and Daniel Klein, the abstract is this:

From 2013 to the present in 2015, the Export-Import Bank has been widely and actively discussed, because its charter was expiring and because people then wrangled (and still wrangle) over its extension and possible recharter. Working from a list of the top 200 economics blogs, we examine the discourse on the Export-Import Bank. We find that classical liberal economists were very often highly vocal in opposition to the institution, but that left economists were mostly silent. The impetus of our investigation is to promote reflection on a question of political psychology: Why weren’t left economists more opposed and more vocal on the issue?

Jeremy Horpedahl asks a related question about defending Uber and Lyft.  Both pieces are from the latest issue of EconJournal Watch.


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