Robocoach the culture that is Singapore


Named Robocoach, the fitness-minded cyborg will be deployed to over 20 senior activity centres to help caregivers run exercise classes for residents.

The project is sponsored by Singapore’s Infocomm Development Authority as part of the government’s Smart Nation plan — a large-scale multibillion dollar government initiative to use Internet technologies to modernise different facets of Singaporean life and infrastructure.

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Glad we passed the suicide option in CA I guess. Dancing to a robot I'm not.

Everyone knows that guy in the middle is not a "senior".

Ray Lopez ?

Surely it would be simpler just to watch a TV?

Yes, but I bet they got more people turning up only because it was a robot.

Basically, I agree with you. Gimmick. But whatever works. Lets see if they can sustain the hype.

I learned earlier this week that there are sex robots, and the NYT questioned whether sex robots raise an ethical issue. An ethical issue? What if the exercise robot looked like the hot blonde who leads the exercise class at the local health club? What if a club member takes her (it?) home for the night, just like the hot blonde? Is that an ethical issue? Is it an ethical issue if he (or she) takes home the hot blonde? Are people going insane or is it just me?

Call that an ethical issue? That is not an ethical issue. This is an ethical issue:

What if the exercise robot looks like a Japanese female High School Senior only with kitten ears and who insists on calling you "Daddy"?

Come on, if you are going to play this game at least make it interesting.

Well she is a senior, but what about looking like a middle school student. I think I know what US courts would say.

I though the ethical issue had to do with people not learning how to engage in "proper" sexual relationships or some such thing.

Can't imagine wanting a robot as a companion. Maybe they'd tell you whatever you want to hear, but would that be rather more depressing than enlightening for the fact of it coming from a robot?

I think the vast majority of singles would prefer the hand (or a vibrator) over a companion made of metal and plastic ...

I think the vast majority of singles would prefer the hand (or a vibrator) over a companion made of metal and plastic.

Vibrators aren't made of metal and plastic? What are they but sexbots too dumb to speak? What is interesting is that you do not see this, and we have embraced women's embrace of sexual robots to the point it is background noise. Will we do the same for men? I doubt it. But then why isn't a woman with a vibrator equally as incapable of engaging in proper sexual relationships?

Would the Oregon school killer have committed his crime if he had had a sex robot keeping him busy?

Incels need government girlfriends, not gun contorl

Robots are replacing the New Service Sector jobs?

You forgot to resize the picture. Interesting though it may be.

North East Asians are two generations behind in awareness of dorkinesss in general, though it varies. Ordinary young Japanese who are not freaks are now about a half a generation behind, possibly level with the French. Koreans while socially reactionary may actually be ahead of them. Taiwanese are only a generation behind depending on education level, very few Taiwan people between 17 and 35 aren't capable of irony.

But then it just turns into a rout. Singaporeans are genuinely terrifying, They can make factory workers from Hunan and Russian girls from Western Siberia who read poetry too much look like James Dean. I blame the Singaporean model Tyler loves so much for infantilizing its people. It is commonly said that military service is how Taiwan and Korea socialize their male population, so clearly the problem isn't statism, just cozy statism.

Luckily they are surrounded by Malays and their cousins, a goth kid from North Platte on a school band trip to New Orleans looks sophisticated by comparison. One could argue that Islam and Filipino Catholicism do such a good job of infantalizing the female population that the men don't have a chance, I would be one of those people.

Doesn't Singapore have military service? Is it a cozy one?

"Taiwanese are only a generation behind depending on education level, very few Taiwan people between 17 and 35 aren’t capable of irony."

This reminds me of a conversation I had with my American friend and a couple of Australians at a bar. They were young IT guys who flew to Japan for 10 days and were curious about the culture. He asked my American friend and i how long we've been in Japan. I grinned and said, "We're pathetic -- 15 years each." He really wanted to know if Japanese understand irony. My friend then smiled, shook his head and said "no."

I countered, "Tomomi does!"

He laughed, "Yeah, but you conditioned her!"

Uh oh. Am I too old? Northeast Asian? I don't get why "15 years each" is funny.

Is it me or does this just sound incoherent (aspie) rambling, throwing in a lot of countries and ethnics all over the place?

Does the Robot or the company that owns the robot apply for the certification?

We've been doing this for years with VCRs and DVD players! :-)

Not so strange, really. I hopped around my living room, following the orders of an exercise coach on my XBOX One that was staring back at me with the Kinect.


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