Childhood privacy sentences to ponder

London Scout poses for her mother, Sai De Silva, in Dumbo for her Instagram account.  The 4-year-old has more than 100,000 followers.

That is the photo caption to this NYT story.  And just so you are not confused, “London Scout” is a name, and “Dumbo” is a part of New York City.


I wasn't confused. I was bewildered. Thank you for reaching out and rolling out your deconfusation assistance strategy.

Dumbo is a neighborhood in New York where they are currently terrified that some of their children might get rezoned into a public school with poor kids who probably can't even afford professional photographers for their Instagram accounts.

A classless, genderless society is an explicit goal of their government. Tearing down the walls of separation is one of their methods. Having the boys and girls use the same toilets is another.

Ha ha ha

It now only takes two comments before the MR comments section turns into Steve Sailer's comment section.

The new Rose Hovicks and Baby Junes.

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Noel Coward said it best - Don't Put Your Daughter On The Stage, Mrs. Worthington.

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