Saturday assorted links

1. “The Russian navy had to lease and purchase eight commercial transports in order to deliver supplies for the operation at the level of up to 50 sorties a day (which means one sortie per aircraft).” Link here.  And: “Over the last three years I have found that the best way of learning what is really happening in the war is to visit military hospitals.

2. Ted Gioia praises John Fowles.

3. This could pass as satire.  (That link was taken down but it is still posted here.)  Don’t neglect the subtitle of the publication itself.  In fact you could have convinced me it was a bad right-wing satire of something that doesn’t happen, but I’ve seen it so many times in my Twitter feed I think it must be true.

4. Jonathan Haidt talk on how Ethical Systems Design could reduce inequality.

5. “…just 6% of Africans qualify as middle class, which it defines as those earning $10-$20 a day. On this measure the number of middle-income earners in Africa barely changed in the decade to 2011.

6. JEP piece on how the Fed plans to raise interest rates and how monetary policy works today.  Boring, but a very good explainer.

7. Maryland real estate, an interior, no grain in sight.


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