Sunday assorted links

1. “Another bizarre feature of our early prototype was its propensity to respond with “I love you” to seemingly anything.

2. More details on rising white mortality.

3. “At this point, it takes a lot for Star Wars-branded crap to surprise us.”  And there is no great stagnation: Chinese smart phone doubles as a chopping board.

4. Ramanujan: still better than you think.  And India may move to a national sales tax, lower barriers to interstate commerce.

5. Benhabib, Bisin, and Luo (pdf): in the Piketty tradition, but a more useful disaggregation of the data, slides here (also pdf).  For most of you the slides are more useful than the paper.  On p.58 of the slides: “Estimate of inter-generational correlation on returns on wealth is about zero”.

6. Surge pricing for parking meters.


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