Monday assorted links

1. “…the only guilded butler in North America…”  “In Canada, graduating butlers fresh from school can expect annual wages in the $50,000 to $60,000 range, climbing to $75,000 within five years. After 10 years, according to Mr. MacPherson, butlers can look forward to six-figure salaries.”  Finally: ““If you think you love people, but you’re not sure you love people, it’s not the profession for you.””

2. WTF?

3. A good review of Carol.  And Valentina’s in Austin is an A+, get the brisket taco, smoked corn, and beans.

4. What makes an academic paper useful for health care policy?

5. Sidney Mintz has passed awayEllsworth Kelly and Meadowlark Lemon, too.  The latter two are NYT links.

6. Seymour Hersh’s speculative piece on Syria, Turkey, Russia, etc.  Not a pretty picture.


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