Tom Schelling stressed a related point in his climate change talk

Vanishing glaciers raise urgent concerns beyond Tibet and China.

By one estimate, the 46,000 glaciers of the Third Pole region help sustain 1.5 billion people in 10 countries — its waters flowing to places as distant as the tropical Mekong Delta of Vietnam, the hills of eastern Myanmar and the southern plains of Bangladesh. Scattered across nearly two million square miles, these glaciers are receding at an ever-quickening pace, producing a rise in levels of rivers and lakes in the short term and threatening Asia’s water supply in the long run.

That treatment is from Edward Wong at the NYT.

Perhaps you’ve already read Alex’s report on Schelling.  It was remarkable that Tom was able to talk for an hour straight, without pausing, without mistakes, grammatical or otherwise, and with a perfectly conceived factual, dramatic, and narrative arc.  With excellent stories.  All without notes.  At the age of 94.


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