Tuesday assorted links

1.”Japanese professionals, office workers and pensioners are dressing in full-body latex suits to escape the pressures of modern day life.

2. “What I really wanted was every kind of life, and the writer’s life seemed the most inclusive.”  That is from Susan Sontag.  And a kind of theological interview with David Brooks.

3. “Then, there’s the ultra-premium options, like the $50 Iluliaq or the $99 Beverly Hills 9OH20 ‘Master Crafted Water,’ created by water sommelier Martin Riese.”  Link here.

4. “Before I knew northern Virginia as the heart of the Internet, I knew it as spook country…

5. Scott Sumner’s cinematic 2015, recommended.

6. A brief business history of David Bowie.  And David Bowie’s favorite books listZiggy Stardust was my favorite Bowie album.


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