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It was bound to happen eventually. The fact that it took Miami this long to invent a champagne machine gun is actually quite surprising considering that both items played an essential role in the formation of this great city. But it’s finally here. And it can be yours for only $459.

Jeremy Touitou is the man behind the invention, which, he says, is “the world’s first champagne gun.”

The full story is here, via Daniel Lippman, noting that here is Daniel’s recent piece on fact-checking you-know-who.



For a really interesting take on Miami, see:

@michaelporfirio on twitter

Alcohol and a Machine Gun what could go wrong ??? ;)

'noting that'

Yes, this web site has become part of the Trump network - which is Trump's most egregious skill, to be honest.

But then, Trump has been upsetting any number of billionaire applecarts at the moment - it should come as no surprise as a reaction slowly develops.

Is there a patent or I can create my own version?

Um, can you really call it a "machine gun" if it doesn't automatically reload? Shouldn't there be a "clip" of full champaign bottles in there somewhere?


Mind-boggling how anti-Trump propaganda manages to be squeezed into such a completely unrelated topic.

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