Trump’s butler, those new service sector jobs bugler markets in everything

“You’re a Hispanic and you’re in here trimming the trees and everything, and a guy walks up and hands you a hundred dollars,” Mr. Senecal [the butler] said. “And they love him, not for that, they just love him.”

That is the report issued by Trump’s butler, who just loves him.  There is this:

Mr. Senecal knows how to stroke his ego and lift his spirits, like the time years ago he received an urgent warning from Mr. Trump’s soon-to-land plane that the mogul was in a sour mood. Mr. Senecal quickly hired a bugler to play “Hail to the Chief” as Mr. Trump stepped out of his limousine to enter Mar-a-Lago [the home].

And this:

More recently, Mar-a-Lago has set off controversy in the Republican primary, as Mr. Trump has been criticized by rivals for hiring employees from abroad to staff the club rather than relying on the local work force.

“There are a lot of Romanians, there’s a lot of South Africans, we have one Irishman,” Mr. Senecal said of the staff, before echoing Mr. Trump’s defense that locals shunned the short-term seasonal work. But he also added of the foreigners: “They’re so good. They are so professional. These local people,” he trailed off, making a disapproving face.

The Jason Horowitz NYT article is interesting throughout.


The new (relatively speaking) owners of the nearby (very, very, very) expensive resort bought a local inn to house employees recruited from South America and Eastern Europe rather than hire the locals who had worked at the resort for many generations, often three generations at once. A well-known conservative think tank, dedicated to "American freedom and democratic capitalism", held its annual spring meeting at the resort less than two weeks ago, not a very well kept secret due to the number of massive private jets flying in and out of the small, but adequate (for jets of any size, even Air Force One), airport nearby. I suppose that the locals just don't understand "American freedom and democratic capitalism". Should the locals rent a U-Haul and move; and if so, where should they go?

There are a couple of special visa categories for seasonal employment that are used heavily by the hospitality industry, especially when you're talking about hotels in places where the locals are unlikely to have experience with Michelin star kind of service.

It's not some weird unusual thing; it's commonplace. Why they're encouraged to recruit cheap college kids from Paris rather than expensive older folks from American metropolises is an interesting question.

"you’re talking about hotels in places where the locals are unlikely to have experience with Michelin star kind of service."

It doesn't sound like they are hiring people with Michelin star kind of service.

"“There are a lot of Romanians, there’s a lot of South Africans, we have one Irishman,”

And the locals obviously live in or close to Palm Beach, FL. Hardly a third world country.

I don't know his example. I do know New England is dotted with this sort of thing. I was at Bretton Woods a while back (motto: "Home of Economics") and they had a number of young European service staff.

I used to frequent a place in Mass where the entire service staff was imported this way. It wasn't any kind of secret; they'd happily talk about it and the kind of ambiance they were trying to provide.

Yes, I've been to a few hotels with young staff from around the world. Generally, their uniform includes their country of birth written on the name tag. And I understand they are trying to project a cosmopolitan vibe. But the underlying knowledge that they generally pay these people very little and that they're locked into that one employer tends to undermine the vibe. I suspect it's more of a method to acquire cheap labor and the cosmopolitan vibe is a bit of an excuse.

I worked in Aspen in the early 1990s, just when a few of the larger hotels were starting to hire Central and South Americans to work in the kitchens. Suddenly the town where no one locked their doors and a crime wave was when some mountain bikes got stolen, had several knife fights near the local bus station. The local papers just couldn't figure out why such a thing was happening even though the perpetrators (and victims) all had Hispanic names. Just couldn't figure it out.

I don't doubt there would have been some statistical tendency for more low-income newcomers to be involved in that stuff. But, it's also a normal part of a small town becoming a larger town. The Hispanic nature of the situation is almost certainly overstated.

Last time I lived in a very small town I had my bike stolen the very first time I left it outside for a little bit unlocked. 100% white town. Stolen bikes.

I blame poverty, not colour. Oh, and the person who actually stole my bike, I definitely blame them too.

Certainly the ethnicity of immigrants is a strong proxy for the country of origin. Many Central American countries have different cultural understandings about the rule of law and property rights.

Average is truly over -

Or, as this web site so presciently pointed out, those new service sector jobs are looking promising in the household staff area -

"In 1990, Mr. Senecal took a sabbatical to become the mayor of a town in West Virginia, where he gained some notoriety for a proposal requiring all panhandlers to carry begging permits. He said that Mr. Trump wrote to him, “This is so great, Tony.”"

His butler left to be mayor of a town in West Virginia and came back?

Yes, how do they put that in without any sort of explanation? There must be an interesting story there.

I imagine being mayor of a town in West Virginia was a significant pay cut.

Being a mayor of a West Virginia town might be a good political apprenticeship.

Maybe the tycoon should consider some kind of apprenticeship? Promote the apprentice to president?
A dose of humility might serve him well. Mrs. Clinton perhaps skipped the apprenticeship which might explain her infamous imperiousness. Probably too late for her though. She'd get fired before she learned anything.

Make These Local People Great Again?

Where are all these low IQ pro-Trump trolls coming from?

The main one's from Russia.

"Mr. Senecal quickly hired a bugler to play “Hail to the Chief” as Mr. Trump stepped out of his limousine..."

That's just the kind of psychological tactic Jeeves would have employed. I wonder if he ever argues with Trump about his attire. "The code at continental casinos is notoriously lax, sir."

As a resident of Palm Beach county I can say that Mr. Senecal's opinion about the locals is pretty accurate.

Contrast this with Tyler's approval of Obama.

Ivana comes off well in those criticisms.

Hilariously well. I was about to point that out. Praising with faint damn.

an economist and a tree-trimmer, sit down to consider removing a limb off of a tree. consulting statistics from communist nations and fiefdoms, the economist considers the options ahead and recommends ba, ba, bah. presents a graph, with correlation, and consults with the regulators.

Lemme guess, the tree-trimmer just cuts the limb off. Trenchant!

I may be trolling a spambot here, but what kind of spambot doesn't have any hyperlinks to click?

Ever get the feeling that the Carlos Slim owned NYT has a dog in this race? On the immigration issue?

What kind of butler is this guy? He doesn't even wear a suit!

& what's with the bit about West Viriginia? Exiled to the Gulag?

It's almost as if having a lot of personal servants is rather un-American.

Donald Trump has been spinning the wheels recently trying to reconcile how respectable, decent, good ol salt of the earth white America is voting for an African style big man the way those colored democrats always do. Obama's private background when he was 24 is worthy of writing a mediocre book but apparently Trump's public behavior from the last twenty years is not even worth a blog post or two.

I'm sure its minorities' fault. Somehow. Those pesky blacks have made the whites into what they are!

You forgot to blame the Jews too (Sanders).

If you look carefully, the Steve Sailer crowd has been very careful to avoid disparaging Jews because they are hoping to court them. It's good to have Jews on your side when Racial Holy War begins.

Charles Koch is going to drive little Marco out to the middle of the Everglades.

And leave him.

NB what's the burn rate on that $889M they budgeted for the 2016 election?

This was an interesting portrayal of Trump. I wonder though, is the butler a reliable source given that even Trump campaign volunteers have to sign an agreement promising never to:

speak negatively about his lordship, his lordships family, his lordships company, or anything his lordship or his lordship's family owns for the rest of one's life. You must also prevent any employees you have from doing so as well.

Long live the king!

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