Lemonade sentences to ponder

For those of you who just returned from a trip to Mt. Everest, Lemonade is Beyoncé’s latest album, and the lyrics are all about the pain she felt when her husband, music mogul Jay-Z, cheated on her. Or so it’s universally assumed..

..as many people have pointed out, Lemonade is available for streaming only on Tidal, which is Jay-Z’s company. So that means Beyoncé is helping Jay make a lot of money off his alleged infidelity—and shoring up his faltering streaming service at the same time.

That is from Kevin Drum.  What would Ronald Coase say?


He would say that if trade in an externality is possible and there are sufficiently low transaction costs, bargaining will lead to a Pareto efficient outcome regardless of the initial allocation of property.

+1. The hilarity of TC commenting on this topic and now your very apt description of what Coase would said has me doubling over with laughter.

But I hope he would first say "who the hell are these people? I've never heard of them."

Beyoncé is actually a part owner in her own right.

They didn't have a pre-nup eh? I'm sure she'll steal it from him soon enough, when they have their inevitable breakup.

It is very possible that she brought and earned more money to the union than he did.

This sort of conspiracy theorizing is acceptable when it comes to trivial matters. But if you start to talk about people with real power, everyone clutches their pearls.

In divorce cases, generally speaking, it is usually to your advantage to make your soon to be ex look artificially economically successful, and to make you look artificially economically unsuccessful.

Sounds to me like having his creampie and eating it too.

My first reaction is that this is likely to result of contractual obligations in place since before the album was produced, and that getting out of said contract is a more difficult exercise than one might assume.

And people thought Big Pimpin was fiction.

There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Who? Never heard of these people.

Oh, they're black, AIG. At least mostly. Hope that clears it up, and tempers any desire to learn too much more.

I figured out they were black by their names: http://www.nber.org/papers/w9938

Coase would be smart enough to say, "what dumbass in his right mind would cheat on Beyoncé?"

I don't know. I don't approve of cheating generally, but I think if I hit the jackpot and somehow ended up married to Ms Knowles I would have to cheat on her. I mean if my career doesn't work out and I eventually end up taking the payroll to try to make a break for it to Brazil, but I get caught, well, how would you want the initial prison conversation to go?

"Hey look at that old White dude"
"He has been loyal to his fat wife for fifty something years. Where's my vaseline"


"Hey look at that old White dude"
"That's the man that cheated on Beyoncé."
"F*********k, the balls on him, Respect!"

In the meantime I note the on-going decline of America. Apart from my veiled comment about prison rape, we are on one of the most grossly over-credentialed blogs in the world and we are discussing whether one over-rated pop starlet is exploiting rumors of her over-rated pop star husband cheating on her in order to make more money out of a streaming service they both own. I take it pretty much everyone agrees that she is faking it in order to generate some hype?

Where is the Hayes Committee when you need them?

"I mean if my career doesn’t work out and I eventually end up taking the payroll to try to make a break for it to Brazil, but I get caught, well, how would you want the initial prison conversation to go?"
As opposed to what Hollywood's propaganda machine makes it look like, most American crooks don't flee to Brazil, a place where their crookedness would be strongly frowned upon by Brazilians of all races and social classes (and no, it is not because Brazilians fear foreign competition-- this joke is old and unfair). As far as I know, no Enron bigshot lives in Brazil.
In fact, research comissioned by the Brazilian government proves -- it is unarguable-- that Brazilians are among the most honest citizens in the world. People who take the payroll probalbly should make a break for it to Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay or Argentina, where their crookedness would be strongly prized by the locals.

People say Brazil because it is a historical cliche, and it has nothing to do with their opinion of Brazilian People. Heck in the future people might say Iceland, which nobody thinks is full of corruption.

The idea of Brazil is because in the past people like Ronnie Brigg's did flee there and sort of get away with it. This is bcause Brazil decades ago didn't have extradition treaties because it is prone to being worried about its sovereignty, a lot, this last is still true. This and it's well known independent legal system combined with its legendary size and that it famously does not extradite its citizens, makeit the odds on favorite.

Who wants to live in North Korea or Venezuela?

Btw, I really wouldn't reccomend fleeing to Mexico for any reason if the US is looking for you, it is the first place we look and the Mexican authorities love nothing more than making American law enforcement happy when it doesn't require them to cross drug lords or Mexican nationalism. They think of these cases as a way to get brownie points.

@gab: never heard the old joke 'show me a supermodel and I will show you a guy tired of her bulls**t'. Elizabeth Hurley got cheated on too in her gloriously hot prime.

So someone believes that the publicity about someone named Beyonce's new album is so ubiquitous that no one below Everest-summit level could possibly have missed it. I find that quaintly naive -- especially the assumption that having knowledge of this Beyonce's album, the entire population of earth is emotionally invested in its subject matter.

I can honestly say that I have never in my life ever listened to a song by either of them.

Of course, I have been actively avoiding doing so.

But it did not require a retreat to the top of Mt. Everest to do so.

Actively avoid songs by two artists who you don't know? Not sure what your motivation is, but what a waste of your time.

I generally actively avoid listening to any song written in the last 20 years. It's really not much waste of my time. Quite the opposite.

The beauty of this sentiment is that people have had it forever. Didn't the big music critics of the 1820s pine for the Beethoven of decades past when the late quartets came out?

The MR comments section is sometimes really awful.

Nathan W takes the day off.

The important thing to note about Lemonade is that "Becky" is not a racist epithet for white women because black women were slaves 151 years ago, so it's okay to hate white women for their skin color.

Who "hates" white women?

We are living in a real emo age. Everybody is deep in their feelings.

According to my sources, academia provides so much, the leading candidates for Becky are all black.

Btw, I want to thank Tyler for this post, The other day I was privy to an entire discussion of the identity of "Becky with the great hair" without ever connecting it to Beyonce, her new album, which I seem to have known existed, or Jay Z.

Though I doubt it will ever come up, I still wince at the decade plus old memory of my complete confusion of Katie Holmes with Kate Hudson, which ended in front of several attractive women at a party.

No comment on Coase, but Jay-Z and Beyonce have been putting on a master class in marketing for some time. This is Inception-level meta persuasion. It's not just great marketing. It's great marketing, meant to be figured out and recognized as great marketing.

Think about how this plays out. Beyonce releases a song supposedly about Jay Z cheating, so it gets publicity on that level. Just that would fade quickly though. But since this is a pretty transparent marketing ploy a whole other group of people will pop up to point out how it's a marketing ploy and get to feel superior to the first group of people who "fell for it." So now it's not just a gossip story, it's a meta-story about the media and the entertainment industry. And since the media/entertainment industry is full of narcissists who think that they are the center of the universe and more savvy then everyone else, they can't help but keep talking about how great Jay Z and Beyonce are at using the media to manipulate the public. When in fact, they're using the public to manipulate the media to reach more of the public.

Marketing is good but the content sucks...

What is the point of a comment like this?

You don't like Beyonce of Jay Z or r&b or rap or whatever. Congratulations on your discerning taste and iconoclast status.

Umm, ``For those of you who just returned from a trip to Mt. Everest" you have made a huge mistake. The best time to climb is now, with summit day usually about the end of May.

Always a bit terrifying when people not only care a lot about celebrity X, but assume we do too.

Then again, I mostly stream trance or white noise, possibly I am forgoing enormous utility. Perhaps someone can look into this for us, is there anything in the literature?

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